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Extinguisher Servicing Tools

Our range of fire extinguisher servicing tools provides all the essential equipment needed to install, commission, maintain and service all types of fire extinguisher. The range includes; filling valves, pressure gauge testers, valve removal equipment, spring balances, weighing scales and much more.
This range is constantly under review and new tools are added regularly to ensure that we offer as comprehensive a selection as possible. If you cannot find the tool or piece of equipment that you are looking for, please contact our helpful customer service team on the freephone number provided and they will do everything they can to help you.

O-Ring Tool Kit

Image for O-Ring Tool Kit

£7.50 ex VAT

£9.00 inc VAT

Pressure Gauge Tester

Image for Pressure Gauge Tester

£17.00 ex VAT

£20.40 inc VAT

Fire Extinguisher Valve Removal & Recharge Bar

Image for Fire Extinguisher Valve Removal & Recharge Bar

From £23.50 ex VAT

£28.20 inc VAT

Firechief Headcap/Valve Removal Bar

Image for Firechief Headcap/Valve Removal Bar

£5.00 ex VAT

£6.00 inc VAT

Spring Balances

Image for Spring Balances

From £13.50 ex VAT

£16.20 inc VAT

25kg Digital Hand Held Scale

Image for 25kg Digital Hand Held Scale

£85.50 ex VAT

£102.60 inc VAT

Industrial Toolbox 26

Image for Industrial Toolbox 26

£49.50 ex VAT

£59.40 inc VAT

3 Piece Wire Brush Set

Image for 3 Piece Wire Brush Set

£5.50 ex VAT

£6.60 inc VAT

Rubber Mallet

Image for Rubber Mallet

£6.50 ex VAT

£7.80 inc VAT

Fire Extinguisher Sterilising Tablets

Image for Fire Extinguisher Sterilising Tablets

£9.50 ex VAT

£11.40 inc VAT

Adaptor Set

Image for Adaptor Set

Was £130.00 ex VAT

£120.50 ex VAT

£144.60 inc VAT

Nitrogen Regulator and Hose

Image for Nitrogen Regulator and Hose

£185.50 ex VAT

£222.60 inc VAT

Petroleum Jelly

Image for Petroleum Jelly

£10.50 ex VAT

£12.60 inc VAT

Slip Joint Pliers

Image for Slip Joint Pliers

£21.00 ex VAT

£25.20 inc VAT

Collapsible Funnel

Image for Collapsible Funnel

£19.00 ex VAT

£22.80 inc VAT